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You are warmly welcome to the website of the Department of Languages Education. This department has three units in operation—English Language Education, Arabic Education and French Education. As a department, our core mandate is to train the next generation of language teachers. However, in fulfilling our mandate, we are also building a next generation of public speakers, events planners, interpreters as well as media moguls, among many other professionals. After all, these varied professionals, more often than not, begin from a language background.

Our department boasts of a well-integrated learning process that believes in the efficacy of mixed method approaches to teaching and learning; thereby, intertwining the use of media as well as traditional teaching and learning modes in lesson deliveries. We also have a vibrant theatre movement in the third year of studies under our Bachelor’s Degree programme (English Language Education), which helps unearth talents as well as prepare our students for the world stage.

As an institution for higher learning, we are contributing to our nation by ensuring that we nurture degree holders with high ethical and moral values for the advancement of our country and the world. If you are considering joining us, or have already joined us, you would not have lost your way.


Prof. Faith Ben-Daniels, PhD

The Department of Languages Education, which emerged out of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, as an independent Department in the year 2014/2015 academic year, has innovative programmes designed to extend the frontiers of language education in Ghana and in West Africa. The Department offers four (4) undergraduate programmes. These programmes are B.A. English Language Education, B.A. Arabic Language Education, B.A. French Education, and B.A. French with English Education.

The Department is under the Faculty of Education and Communication Sciences (FECS) and prepares students to teach in pre-tertiary educational institutions as well as other sectors

The Department of Mathematics Education is one of the newly created departments under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mathematics Education (FASME). It was established in the 2018/2019 academic year with the aim of preparing graduates to teach in the pre-tertiary/tertiary educational institutions. Prior to the establishment of the Department, the BSc Mathematics Education programme was offered by the Department of Information Technology Education for a period of one academic year. The Department is housed in the FASME Block. 

The Department is endowed with competent teaching staff, a Senior Administrative Assistant, and a National Service Person.

Generally, the Department seeks to produce competent language teachers who will be capable of applying modern methods of teaching languages in Ghanaian schools. Specifically, the Department seeks to:

  • Produce competent graduate teachers who can employ current methods and develop the culture of reflective learning and classroom research to improve their teaching in the subjects.
  • Equip graduate teachers with sufficient knowledge and understanding of their specialized Language usage for the Ghanaian schools and colleges.
  • Develop graduate teachers who can conduct research into Language and Literature.
  • Produce graduate teachers with sufficient knowledge and understanding of their specialized language usage for French, Arabic and English.
  • Develop graduate teachers who will serve as facilitators in promoting the use of their specialized language as a medium for business interactions and for interpersonal communication
  • Produce students who can speak and write their specialized language proficiently at the Basic and Senior High School levels
  • To represent AAMUSTED in the design and development of Languages curriculum related to English, French and Arabic language.

The Department has one Junior Assistant Registrar who performs the day to day basic administrative duties of the Department. This includes participating in the implementation of policies, management of records, disseminating information, attending to the needs of students and staff and among others.

The Department currently runs four (4) undergraduate Regular programmes. These programmes are:

  1. A. English Language Education
  2. A. Arabic Language Education
  3. A. French Language Education
  4. A. French Language with English Language Education

The total staff strength of the Department is seventeen (17). The breakdown is as follows: three (3) Senior Lecturers, seven (7) Lecturers, and three (3) Assistant Lecturers, one (1) Senior Lecturer on Post Retirement Contract, One (1) Junior Assistant Registrar and two (2) Lecturers on part-time

Postal address: Department of Languages Education, AAMUSTED, P. O. Box 1277, Kumasi Email address: dle@aamusted.edu.gh Phone No.: 0322490558


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