Association of Economics Students Launched in AAMUSTED

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Students reading Economics at the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) have formed the Association of Economics Students (AES) to champion their welfare and explore ways to help members undertake the economics programme smoothly.

AAMUSTED runs the Bachelor of Arts (BA) Economics with Social Studies Education and Bachelor of Arts (BA) Social Studies with Economics programmes under its Faculties of Business Education (FBE) and Education and Communication Sciences (FECS), respectively.

The Dean of the Faculty of Business Education, Prof. Isaac Boateng, delivering the keynote address

On March 29, 2022, hundreds of the Association members thronged the New Auditorium of the University for the Launch of the Association and the inauguration of its foundation leadership. The Association’s Constitution was also launched.

The leaders are Mr. Solomon A. Dodohatia, President; Mr. Stephen Oppong Prekoh, Vice-President; Miss. Bryna Ohenewaa Boakye, General Secretary; Mr. Francis Abdul-Karim, Financial Secretary; Miss. Mary Ogyaa Frimpong, Women’s Commissioner; Mr. Emmanuel Owusu, General Attorney; and Miss. Angelina Takyiwaa, Public Relations Officer.

The SRC President, Mr. Peter Henry Bernasco (behind the dais in a white shirt), swore in the Association Executives.

The Dean of the FBE, Prof. Isaac Boateng, who delivered the keynote address and officially launched the Association, said there had been a clamouring for the economics programmes since their introduction in AAMUSTED two academic years ago. He said that was significant and alluded to the value of the economics programme and the high standards at which the University is running it.

In his view, more students opting to study economics gives hope for the future of Ghana since the role of the economically savvy citizens in the development of a nation could not be overly emphasised.

He, therefore, encouraged the members of the Association to pay attention to their books, open their minds to modern ways of doing things, and be prepared to offer their optimum towards the development of Ghana since, in his view, they hold the keys to the future of the country.

The Head of Academic Affairs Department at AAMUSTED, Dr. Charles Baba Campion, delivering his opening remarks as Chairman of the programme

Touching particularly on the theme for the launching – “Activating Survival Mode amid Economic Turmoil” – Prof. Boateng gave eleven (11) principles to surmount challenges.

He said a person must determine to survive in the face of challenges, acknowledge the prevailing situation as a normal happening and adapt to the new norm, learn the lesson, prepare a remission plan and look within for resources to implement the plan and take action with determination to succeed. He said it would be necessary to ask for help along the line, do a budget and prioritise financially, reality check of the remission plan, take stock, and be innovative since crisis usually opens doors to greatness.

He encouraged the students, thus, “No one has ever given up and succeeded. We need to plan to prevail. We need to develop emotional intelligence and be ready for any eventuality.”

A section of the members of the association at the programme

The Head of the Academic Affairs Department of AAMUSTED, Dr. Charles Baba Campion, chairing the programmes, advised students to ensure prudent management of time and other vital resources to ameliorate the challenges they might face in their academic life. He also urged members to give the leadership the support needed to uplift the association and to help the president fulfill his vision.

The Head of the Accounting Education Department, FBE of AAMUSTED, Mr. Alfred Morrison, asked the members to support their leaders to succeed. As foundation members and leaders of the AES, he said they need to work hard to keep it growing.

The Head of the Department of Accounting Education, Mr. Alfred Morrison

The President of the Students Representative Council (SRC), AAMUSTED, Mr. Peter Henry Bernasco, assured the Association that the SRC would support it to succeed. He, however, asked the leaders to brace themselves for challenges ahead, asking them to be resolute to avoid failing.

The founding President of the Association, Mr. Dodohatia, expressed gratitude for the chance to serve as President. He assured the members of his readiness to work to make the AES the best on the university campus and therefore appealed for support from members. He also appealed to the University Management to help the Association secure office space on campus to facilitate its operations.