Autonomy Hall of AAMUSTED Unveils Giant Sculptured Logo

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The Autonomy Hall of Residence at the Akenten Appiah-Menka University of Skills Training and Entrepreneurial Development (AAMUSTED) has launched its 2021 Hall Week Celebration with the unveiling of a giant Sculptured Logo of the Hall and mounted at its frontal area.

The sculpture has a predatory eagle with a golden ring around it and the word – SUPERIORS inscribed boldly on its claws. The ring contains the inscriptions – AUTONOMY HALL and AAMUSTED. The word – FREEDOM – is in the area beneath the ring.

The logo represents the supremacy of the Hall and the protection it provides for its residents.

The Autonomy Hall

The Acting Registrar of AAMUSTED, Mr. Michael K. Adu, represented the Vice-Chancellor of AAMUSTED, Prof. Frederick Kwaku Sarfo, to do the official unveiling on June 25, 2021. He commended the Hall Leadership for the initiative to erect such a giant sculptured symbol of the Hall.

Acting Registrar, Mr. Michael K. Adu, addressing the gathering during the ceremony.

He hoped that the residents of the Hall would live by the meaning of the Hall Logo as they carried out every activity and lived life as students of AAMUSTED. “The unveiling of this logo must unite us for good deeds and excellent academic performance. It should never sway us into depravities like occultism and idol worship,” he admonished.

The Acting Registrar reminded the students of the COVID-19 pandemic that was still in force and encouraged them not to lower adherence to all the relevant etiquettes. Also, he asked the students and the others (some from outside the campus) to avail themselves of the on-going National Population and Housing Census.

The cultural troop on display.

Mr. Adu assured the students of the commitment of the University Management to further improve conditions on campus to enhance teaching and learning and all co-curricular activities in the University.

The President of the Hall, Mr. Adolf Amankwah Asare, expressed joy that he had been able to fulfill his electioneering campaign promise to erect the sculptured symbol of the Hall. He hoped that all residents would help to maintain the sculpture for it to last.

Hall President, Mr. Adolf Amankwah Asare (holding the mic) delivering a brief speech at the unveiling ceremony.

He paid tribute to all past and present residents and leaders for their hard work over the years that have culminated in various achievements recorded by the Hall.

The Autonomy Hall is a mixed hall with one hundred and sixty-five (165) rooms and houses nearly 700 residents. Construction works on the government-sponsored Autonomy Hall were completed in 2012 and inaugurated on June 22, 2013.

Acting Registrar, Mr. Michael K. Adu, in a group photograph with the hall executives.
Acting Registrar, Mr. Michael K. Adu with members of the Asante Students Union.
The cultural troop on display.