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Welcome to the Department of Mathematics Education AAMUSTED.

Mathematics in general is one of the oldest subjects that is studied at all levels of the educational levels. Mathematicians are nowadays making substantial contribution to world by creating the appropriate tools necessary in solving societal problems such as health sciences, engineering, computer sciences and management science.

The Department of Mathematics Education services the entire university community from undergraduate to  postgraduate programmes. The department runs BSc. Mathematics Education, Med Mathematics Education, MPhil Mathematics Education and PhD Mathematics Education. The aim of the department is to thrive to attain excellence in Mathematics Education via teaching and research and this is being through highly motived qualified faculty of national and international repute. Faculty members are publishing their research findings in a range of professional referred journals and books of international repute. 

Faculty members are actively involved in delivering talks at various international and regional conferences and workshops. Mathematics Education graduates of this department will need to apply their skills to solve complex problems teachers encounter both classroom and outside environment in the ever-changing world. Mathematics is noted for playing providing a fundamental role in the skills and framework needed to tackle such challenges in the complex society. It is a pivot for many innovation and invention in many academic disciplines such engineering and science. Your future prospects and employability in other related fields are enhanced by significant mathematical content in your degree which leads to critical thinking human resources.
Graduates from this department takes up positions in, statistical service, teaching service, business, industry, planning and environmental organizations, and a wide range of other areas.

The Department of Mathematics Education is one of the newly created departments under the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Mathematics Education (FASME). It was established in the 2018/2019 academic year with the aim of preparing graduates to teach in the pre-tertiary/tertiary educational institutions. Prior to the establishment of the Department, the BSc Mathematics Education programme was offered by the Department of Information Technology Education for a period of one academic year. The Department is housed in the FASME Block. 

The Department is endowed with competent teaching staff, a Senior Administrative Assistant, and a National Service Person.

The vision of the Department is to become an outstanding center for the training of Mathematics teachers in the country and West African sub-region.

To equip students with the necessary academic and professional competencies and skills through the use of innovative techniques to enable them teach effectively in the pre -tertiary/tertiary institutions.

This unique Department has the following objectives

  • To provide a wide range of courses in Mathematics necessary for a sound intellectual foundation applicable to problems both in school and in real-life situations.
  • To develop professionals who have relevant knowledge, concepts, skills and attitude in teaching Mathematics at the pre-tertiary level.
  • To develop Mathematics personnel imbued with the sense of discipline and alive to their responsibilities in societies they operate.
  • To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of students with adequate capabilities to pursue further studies in Mathematics.
  •  To equip students with the skills and knowledge of the use of information and communication technology in Mathematics.

Undergraduate Programmes

  • BSc. Mathematics Education (4 Year Degree)

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Med Mathematics Education (One year)
  • MPhil Mathematics Education (2 year)
  • PhD Mathematics Education (4 year)

Postal address: Department of Information Technology Education, AAMUSTED, P. O. Box 1277, Kumasi Email address: dme@aamusted.edu.gh Phone No.: +233 (0) 244977243


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