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The funding program is designed to be interdisciplinary and to facilitate projects in which there are varied dimensions to the examination of abandoned cities. At the same time, there should be a focus on causal correlations, both with regard to specific individual cultures and spanning all cultures, and on specifics of place and time. A maximum total of three scholarships per group of researchers can be applied for, as well as funds for travel and materials. A fundamental prerequisite for a grant is that project staff conduct their own research, which is published under their name. The aim of the program is to describe the tangible cultures of interpretation, knowledge and perception within these different contexts. Lost Cities are part of a distinct culture of memory, for example, which serves for the negotiation of identities, the preservation of knowledge cultures, the formulation of criticism of progress, or the construction of mythical or sacral topographies as part of a veritable “ruin cult”.


  • Eligible to apply are post-doctoral researchers based in a university and working in the area of the humanities and the social sciences.
  • Funding can be provided for projects with a thematic focus being addressed by a group of researchers.
  • Applications can only be made for PhD or research scholarships.
  • Applications for a research scholarship by the applicant (project leader) are also possible.
  • Other contributors who are not financed by scholarships can also be involved in the project.

The next application deadline is 24th May 2023.

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