Medical Examination for Fresh Students

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Appointment System for Student Medicals – University Clinic AAMUSTED, Kumasi Campus 

The Clinic is implementing its  appointment system for all freshmen and women who  will be undergoing medical examination. This system eliminates the need to queue for long hours and will ensure proper physical distancing.

Using your phone or computer

1.    Connect to any of the university wireless networks

2.    Open a web browser and enter following url:

3. click on the student medicals link
4.    Fill in the appropriate details on the next page (applicant number, surname and program)

5.    If details match, you will be asked to answer a medical questionnaire. 

6.    After answering all questions, click on finish

7. Next, click on Book Appointment

8. Click on a desired date of appointment from the available dates

8.     Select a time of appointment from the drop-down menu

9.    Click Book Appointment to schedule your appointment

10.  Go to the Clinic at the date and time of your appointment for your medical screening.

Please note that the student medicals is strictly by appointment.