RSTMH 2023 Early Career Grant

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The deadline to apply for an RSTMH 2023 Early Career Grant is 28 April 2023 at 09:00AM BST.

Applications for grants of up to £5,000 (GBP) are welcomed from early career researchers and global health professionals based anywhere in the world, who have not had research funding of £5,000 (GBP) or more in their own name before. 

The projects can be on any topic related to tropical medicine and global health, from across the research spectrum of lab, translation, implementation and policy, and should take up to one year.

The maximum RSTMH Early Career Grant award is £5,000 (including any taxes on relevant purchases) and for up to one year in duration.

See the grants awarded in 2022 here and read a summary of the grant awardees here.

If you have a question about the scope and content of your proposal, please email

Please note: This RSTMH Early Career Grants Programme guidance webinar being held on 15 February 2022 is now at full capacity. The webinar will be recorded and shared on the RSTMH website.

Who is eligible?

Anyone early in their research career with any nationality based anywhere in the world can apply. The overall aim of the Programme is to encourage and inspire the next generation of global health leaders, innovators and professionals by providing the opportunity for them to carry out projects which could improve tropical medicine or global health.

Only RSTMH members can receive the funding, but anyone can apply.

If successful, applicants who are not already members of RSTMH will have their membership funded by one of our partners, or RSTMH will deduct it from their award. 

Find out more about becoming a member here.

What do you define as “early career”?

To ensure equity and fairness of opportunity, RSTMH does not use a definition focused on specific roles, qualifications held, or age. Instead it chooses to supply guidance around the profile of applicant that may be suitable for an Early Career Grant. 

Candidates should not have received a research grant of £5,000 or more in their own name before. They should be to be able to:

  • Carry out research under supervision
  • Have the ambition to develop knowledge of research methodologies and discipline
  • Have demonstrated a good understanding of a field of study
  • Demonstrate the ability to produce data under supervision
  • Use critical analysis, evaluation and be able to synthesise new and complex ideas
  • Competently explain the outcome of their research and value thereof to colleagues


We are currently finalising the partners for the 2023 Early Career Grants programme. 

You can read about the partners for 2022 here. 

We will be announcing the partners working with us on the 2023 Early Career Grants Programme here, in the coming weeks. 

Applying for funding

Applications open on 1 February 2023 at 09:00AM GMT and close on 28 April 2023 at 09:00AM BST.

Guidance on applying

Many early career researchers ask us what makes a good RSTMH Early Career Grant application, and how they should tackle certain parts of the application form, particularly as they are applying for a grant for the first time. 
To help with this we will be uploading examples of good elements of the application form.

In the first instance we are including a few examples of a high-quality project statement, which is the part of the form where you lay out your background, aims, methods and expected outcomes for the project. Find these below. This page will be added to so please check back.