Dr. Mark Bright Donkoh

Dr. Donkoh Mark Bright is a Lecturer in the Department of Construction and Wood Technology Education, Faculty of Technical Education with Bachelor of Education (Technology option) and Doctor of Philosophy in Wood Science and Technology. He is a Professional Teacher with twenty-three (23) years teaching experience. He has taught in all the levels of education: Basic school, Secondary school, College of Education, Technical University and now the University.

Educational Qualifications

    • PhD in Wood Science and Technology
    • Master of Philosophy in Wood Science and Technology
    • Bachelor of Education (Technology option)

Research Interests

    • Wood Workshop Safety
    • Wood Processes
    • ¬†Woodwork Machines and tools
    • Seasoning and Preservation
    • Primary and Secondary Wood Processing
    • Method of Teaching Technology Education
    • Wood Utilization
    • Renewable Energy Technology
    • Wood Physics and Drying
    • Wood Finishes and Finishing
    • Geometrical Drawing

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